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Amazing Houston Comicon Convention Report


Amazing Houston Comicon is a rare species. That being an actual comicon. To understand my meaning one of the trends in the last few years as comic conventions have become more commercial has become the celebricon. Basically it means that despite being called comicons recent conventions have put more and more of a focus on television actors and movie stars than comic creators. While of course it’s understandable from a commercial perspective there needs to be a point where either a counterbalance is needed or celebrities become secondary to comic creators. Amazing Houston is proof that a convention can cater to comic fans over celebrity hounds and be successful. Every guest at the show was in some way related to the comic field or worked directly in it.


The two major guests at the show were famed X-Men writer Chris Claremont and Old Man Logan and Civil War artist Steve McNiven. For myself personally they were the biggest draw and I would love to see more conventions draw guests of this caliber and give them the promotion and publicity they deserve. This is how you do a convention right.


If I had any criticisms it would be that the volunteers were better informed as one of the guest attendants for Mr. Claremont did not know when he would be returning for his next signing and perhaps they could have taken better advantage of the extra space at the convention center instead of simply using the main room of the center.


While more than likely this positive change is the exception not the norm it was fantastic to be able to attend a real comicon instead of a celebrity show with a handful of comic guests.

Ian McIntosh

October 11th, 2016

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