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Texas Comicon 2016 Convention Report


Texas Comicon to put it best was an interesting convention. While as press I enjoyed the show on the surface there were so many different stories and controversy that it painted a bizarre and almost schitzophrenic image of it from people like Power Rangers actor Nick Cardenas who claimed to have not been paid and went off on a length Facebook post accusing founder Kris Kidd of not paying him and other guests to guests like comic artist Matt Haley saying the show went well for them. There were stories of last minute changes and tables being moved around but as someone who didn’t witness any of these ins and outs during the con I can only speak on my situation.

I personally enjoyed the con quite a bit. It was a show with ups and downs but for me the good outweighed the bad. When I first came to the show the one thing I noticed was the location. I can’t say why but the location of the convention changed this year. On the upside it was kind of nice to have a five minute drive to the convention but that’s neither here nor there. One of the great things I noticed about the convention was Kris Kidd’s communication with the guests all throughout. While some shows I’ve been to have had very limited interaction between the convention heads and the attendees at this show it was the complete opposite with them surprising a Steven Universe fan having her do an impromptu duet with Zach Callison.
One of the problems I did have was that the guests were extremely disproportionate with several media guests and only two notable comic guests. This is a negative trend I’ve noticed amongst many cons and has resulted in many conventions turning into celebrity autograph shows that just happen to have some comic creators there. This is definitely issue as there was a far better balance last year One last issue I personally had was that it took quite a while to get updates regarding our press credentials while with most shows I’ve attended I find out fairly quickly.


While I feel the convention had it’s share of issues there was not enough good to even it out. I’m not here to talk about things that I didn’t witness and I don’t have any proof of either positive or negative. Overall this was a solid event.

Ian McIntosh

October 5th, 2016

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