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PAX 2016: Heading Down South

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Started by Penny Arcade creators Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik in 2004 Penny Arcade Expo or PAX was designed to be a combination of a convention and an E3 style expo.  PAX South began last year in San Antonio and was an enormous success bringing in not only local fans but people from all the world.  PAX 2016 has continued that success.

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One of the most interesting parts of the show was the presentation of Insomniac’s new undersea Metroidvania by way of submarine game Song of the Deep.  Unfortunately in terms of high profile games it was the standout among a mediocre spattering of titles including Streetfighter V and Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps which is unfortunate as Capcom has been making a number of steps forward lately but Streetfighter with its excess amounts of DLC and Resident Evil with its generic multiplayer shooter gameplay both were definitely steps backwards.

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One of the big surprises of PAX this year was the sheer amount of cosplayers.  PAX is not a show known for bringing in a lot of cosplayers but there was not only a huge amount but clearly there were people with a lot of passion.  While you had your typical Ahri cosplayers seeing classic FFVII cosplay and the variety of unique Mario groups was definitely a highlight.

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While I went to PAX last year this was my first year covering as press and it was a great and unique experience.  One part convention and one part trade show PAX is a great way for AAA developers like Insomniac, Gearbox and Epic Games and small independent developers and tabletop developers like Hikari Games and Gameworthy Labs to get to interact with the fans and show off their wares.  PAX is a one of a kind of a kind show that creates a unique atmosphere by bringing together developers, youtubers, cosplayers and fans.

Ian McIntosh

March 20th, 2016

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