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The Cult of Deadpool (Day .17 of Amazing Arizona 2016)

Since I only attended an hour (technically) of Friday’s at Amazing Arizona this is going to be a really short article. Like really short, three-hundred words at least meaning you’re going to hear me go off-topic most of the time and a microscopic bit of what actually happened.

I entered Day 1 of Amazing Arizona around 11:30-ish. Having just gotten back from a screening of the freshly released film Deadpool which Circuit 42 member Ian McIntosh, will cover later on I agreed to set up the booth for local cosplay group the Arizona Avengers. Unfortunately it was pretty much clean before I even walked into the building to get my exhibitors badge. It was a pretty small booth same with every other cosplay group at the convention. Afterwards I got set up for my other cosplay group, Heroes United. Arizona Avengers and Heroes United are cosplay houses, both alike in dignity. Let’s leave it like that.

Anyway, my set up for Heroes United consists of laying down the banner on the table and making the booth look more presentable. In terms of the booth itself that job goes to Gus Matos of Just Gus Cosplay. If you see him, give him props.

With my booth set-up (sort of), I decided to walk around the booth with my friends and fellow cosplayers, Anthony Phoenix and Hannah Leigh of Hannah Leigh Cosplay to see the sights of the convention hall before the swarm of attendees bum rush the event. We saw plenty of artists, vendors such as Jesse James Criscione of beloved local comic book shop, Jesse James Comics, and well-known local cosplayers prepping for the event including Cara Nicole, also known as AZPowerGirl.

At 3:00 on the dot, the cavalry came rushing in headed by a crowd of the usual Harley Quinns and Deadpools. I understand the overall appeal of Harley Quinn and Deadpool (oh the Deadpools) but there’s got to be point in a cosplayer’s life where you wonder if that character is overplayed and you’re nothing but a dime a dozen but this is not the time or the place. That’s in another paragraph and another article.

There were plenty of cool and clever cosplays. Such as “Matt the Radar Technician” from the SNL skit Star Wars Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base. Speaking of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, there are plenty of Star Wars cosplayers from the dreaded prequels to the exciting seventh film to the Star Wars saga. Then, there are the unsung heroes of DC Entertainment such as Flash, Miss Martian, and Jerome from the Fox crime drama series Gotham.

Plenty of them are on stage dancing with zero rhythm. Light flashing like scenes from a Japanese cartoon. Images of Deadpool appeared on the screen. It gets to the point when seeing way too many Deadpool cosplayers, similar to eating one too many chimichangas make you want to go to the shitter…only to vomit.

Unfortunately these are not the Deadpools that were created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza. Deadpool was muscular. Even the latest works by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Scott Koblish, and Mark Brooks featured Deadpool in a lean yet still muscular build. Even Ryan Reynolds, the actor who played Deadpool in the film, was lean but still muscularly built and looked like he ate today. I know it’s wrong of me to harp on a group of people for weight (or lack there of) but these Deadpools are so thin that I felt like Sally Suthers asking people to give them money for food or giving them sandwiches to bulk up. Maybe giving them chimichangas is not a bad idea after all. At least they’re filled with calories.

Gus Matos made mention of Jump-Pool which means any cosplayer who dressed up as Deadpool around the time when the character became more mainstream and more palatable to a wider audience in recent years or when the character “jumped the shark” as opposed to the earlier and much darker interpretations of Deadpool where he was an amoral mercenary with serious mental problems and the storylines are bordering on a black comedy of sorts such as Daniel Way’s interpretation of Deadpool. Ironically, Gus was dressed up as X-Force Deadpool (the grey one).

Around 4:15, I had to leave for a family event. So that’s my review of the one hour I spent (technically, but really it’s more like three hours) at Friday’s Amazing Arizona Comic-Con. I told you I will go off-topic. More on Amazing Arizona soon to come.

Sandra Le

March 10th, 2016

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